Here’s the house again. It’s a 3 bedroom house with solar panels on the roof and it’s been freshly built in an area that has no new-build homes.

On the day I visited to add some pops of colour to the house and put the special fish in the bath, I also measured up for the floor plan. This takes me about half an hour on site then about 20-30 minutes using the software to produce this

The For Sale board was ordered and put up and I visited again with Greg to take photos. He uses a Canon 700D with a Tamron lens to take amazing pictures.

Listing Day

I created descriptions and listed the house for sale on rightmove and On The Market with the images rotated every day. I create videos for facebook and twitter and add more pictures of quirky bits to these platforms too.

Then the phone starts ringing.

Some people have seen the board and call me, some people have seen the online listings and call me.

My first question is always “What caught your eye about this house in particular?” The response to this question goes a long way to understanding if this is a potential buyer I am talking to or not. The house doesn’t suit everyone’s needs so not everyone who calls wants to view it.


The house is empty so I can arrange viewings at any time to suit potential buyers. This sale doesn’t need the Clean Twice Plan. Two families think they like the house enough to book a viewing so I arrange viewings and show both families round one evening.

I talk to them again in the days that follow but neither want to make an offer.

I have arranged for Steve from 360ify to create a virtual tour of the house so I meet him at the house to do that. The result is here

Then someone called on a Sunday morning. He has seen the For Sale  board and would like to view the house today as he and his family are all off work. That’s fine with me so I meet them at 6pm.

An Offer, yay!

They love the house and make an offer there and then.

This is why it’s important to have a FOR SALE board. The buyers of the house called because they saw the board. Read More about that here

This is not the end of my work by any means. Part 3 is coming up.






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