Where does it start?

The other evening, I was at this house meeting the buyers again with two contractors. Standing outside I thought I’d make some lists about this house and my relationship with it, the seller and the buyers.

I’ve been watching this house being built for several months. It’s on the site of an old workshop and I pass it frequently between work and home.

I’ve sold two houses on the other side of St Denys Road in Adelaide Road and then earlier in the year I also sold one in Aberdeen Road. One day I drove down Kent Road back to the shop and saw a sign in the window for enquiries.

I pick up the phone

I called the number and spoke to the seller who is also the builder. He invited me to come by later that afternoon when he’d be back there with some more fittings!

When I arrived, the front door was open and I could see through to the kitchen. The seller has put my favourite kitchen in this house – a handleless gloss style with deep drawer units. I complimented him on it and that made him laugh!

We chatted and he showed me what he’d done so far and what he planned to do and over the next few weeks. I popped in regularly and he called me for advice on some things that he wanted a second opinion on. He appreciated my advice and acted on it all! He could see I was a thoughtful person  mindful of what a buyer would need and want.

The seller pulls out all the stops

Finally, the house was nearly ready and he instructed me to sell it for him. I agreed but told him I would only list it when it was ALL done and I could open the door to a potential buyer with a ‘Ta Dah!’

The day came. The flooring was down, the blinds up, the tiling done, shower screen up, the raised beds planted and the waste cleared. It was time for me to add some colourful touches then it was ready for listing. See what I do next here

Kent Road St Denys cactus



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