For now, the blog is about getting through this difficult time of Lockdown due to Covid-19. There is still advice on how to get a mortgage, how to prepare your house for sale, how to make offers and how to declutter that might be useful too.

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Should we add an ensuite before we sell our house?

Should you add an ensuite before you sell your house? I spoke to a client who is still planning to sell his house with me once this odd time passes and he thanked me for calling as this question had come up. There’s space to do this with their master […]
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Agents Here to Help

Agents here to help There are lots of agents here to help and we’ve all got together to create a bank of information for you as buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with a YouTube Channel with a playlist for each of your needs. It’s taking off with more interest and […]
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Richard Rochester Mortgage Adviser

Why do you need a mortgage adviser? Do you think you are paying too much on your mortgage? Has your situation changed and you think you could possibly borrow more to make improvements now?   Whilst you are at home with less to do (maybe) or just able to focus […]
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Homeschooling Maths Lockdown surviving at home with children and working – 7

Homeschooling Maths and Thinking Mathily You may think homeschooling maths is out of your comfort zone but you use numbers all day long. Once you start to think about this you’ll find lots of ways to help your child. I used to work with a child with cerebral palsy supporting […]
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What does a conveyancer do?

        When you buy or sell a house you need a conveyancer. Why? I chatted to Peter Booker a Consultant Solicitor who deals with all types of property transactions. Simple buying and selling of homes as well as re-mortgaging, extending leases and transfers of equity. Here we […]
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Bored Child? Lockdown surviving at home with children and working – 6

Is your child bored? Why is your child bored? We’re two full weeks in to this lockdown now and your children are probably settling down now. Hopefully they aren’t still bouncing off the walls but they might be grumbling and leaning on you telling you they are bored I have […]
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