Is there something about your house that you would change?

If you didn’t move, that is!

Which? asked members who are home-owners what they’d most like to change in their homes and the results are surprising. 20% are happy and don’t want to change anything but this is the top problem people want a simple solution for:

23% want to change the number and position of electrical sockets

Is this a simple fix?

Electrical installations have improved hugely in the past few years and one change is simple

Replace a couple of your double sockets with a USB socket like this one £19.99 from Screwfix

simple change to usb socket

This socket allows you to plug in two ordinary plugs and charge two phones using their USB cables. It can be fitted wherever you already have a socket and want to charge a phone so perhaps in the lounge, kitchen or bedroom. They come in white or brushed aluminium/silver colour to match your current sockets.

Look for a local electrician who qualified and insured to carry out domestic installations. He or she may have other ideas for you including adding sensor controlled lights for bathrooms and hallways eliminating switches altogether.


You may also be able to change some of your double sockets for a 4 socket unit which would help if you need to plug in a TV a digibox, a sound bar and a dvd/bluray player close to your tv.

This is something to consider in a new home too, especially if you love your gadgets in the living room and kitchen. Look at where the sockets are now and think about how you would use the room. Adding sockets isn’t expensive if you don’t mind surface wiring hidden inside decorative trunking. It is a bit more costly if you want new sockets where there were none before and you want the wiring hidden in the wall as this will mean you need a plasterer as well as an electrician!







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