Should you add an ensuite before you sell your house?
Marshall Square house for sale add an ensuite

I spoke to a client who is still planning to sell his house with me once this odd time passes and he thanked me for calling as this question had come up. There’s space to do this with their master bedroom and they have a four bedroom house so should they add an ensuite now or not?

What do you think I said?

I said no.

Why not?

There a 3 main reasons

  1. It will cost you time and money
  2. You won’t get that time back ever and you won’t get the money back when you sell.
  3. Whatever you do in 2020 won’t match the existing bathroom and a buyer might not like it anyway.

It’s my job as an agent to sell the possiblity of the ensuite when I show potential buyers the house. They might like the idea and enjoy planning the fittings and decor as well as perhaps updating the bathroom to match. It’s also the idea of ‘leaving something in’ a deal.

If everything has been done and a buyer can’t see an inch to add value in the future or improve something, they don’t feel as engaged with a house and are less likely to really want it. This sounds off but buyers often don’t want shiny perfection in every room!

Here are some more things you shouldn’t spend time and money doing before listing for sale:

Converting the garage into a room – let buyers have this idea whilst knowing that they have somewhere to store moving boxes, bikes and outdoor stuff when they move in.

Adding a conservatory – let buyers see the possiblity of doing it and see themselves in it. You don’t need to show it to them for them to dream about it

Converting the loft – way too expensive and not necessarily a way to get a return on the investment fast. Getting a Certificate of Lawful Development would be helpful as this enables buyers to appreciate the potential of an extension and know that it can be done. I know architects who can do this appliation for you so please get in touch.


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