Every month the mighty data monster that is rightmove creates a house price index telling us all about the ups and downs of the market.

This month, rightmove says this “Average time to find a buyer is 63 days, so with Christmas 69 days away which sellers have the best odds of festive cheer?”

That’s an interesting question and the answer is to sell your house with BlueDoor!

We have a track record of selling houses in under a fortnight and the last few we have sold have had sales agreed in days, not weeks.


How do we do it?

One of our secrets is this: We take amazing photos.

Our listings get more clicks and taps than any of our competitors. Our photos catch your eye as you are scrolling and make you stop and look more carefully.

We don’t just upload them to righmove randomly, we know the house well so we can create a path through the house for you to follow. Then you know how the rooms are connected and what the space feels like.

Look up some of our listings on rightmove  and see how we could show your house off to happy buyers.


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