When is Quitters Day?

Quitters Day is the 12th January. By then, most people will have given up on their New Year’s resolutions.

Quitters day

Did you give up like most people did? If you did, do you have some more interesting things you want to do in 2020?

Is moving house one of those?

That’s great, I’d love to help you sell your house! But are you worried that there are things you need to do to your house to get it ready for sale?

Maybe you are wondering if you should convert the garage now or leave it? Or put a new kitchen in or update the bathroom? Would you like some advice on how to maximise your selling price before spending too much time or money on decorating or building work?

That’s how my Pre-Sale Consultation can help you.

Inviting me to your house for a Pre-Sale Consultation costs you nothing and I can help you work out what you would need to do and what you don’t need to do to sell your house.

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint in a hallway is needed but other times cleaning scuffs and all the places where hands touch walls with a sugar soap wipe is a faster and cheaper solution.

Decluttering rooms and hallways is not expensive and can make your house look bigger! We all get used to how our hallway looks but if you took everything out of it how much bigger would it look?

Moving furniture to showcase rooms costs nothing and helps buyers understand a house better. Beds in bedrooms sound obvious but a ‘dump room’ doesn’t look like a bedroom to a buyer.

Even clean and tidy rooms can be made to look cosier and more inviting with flowers and cushions and throws. Adding colour and texture to plain spaces is always a good idea.

flowers in a house for sale

No-one wants to spend money when they don’t need to and I can help you focus on the things that will really make a difference.

Call me and book a consultation. You may not want to move right away but I can help you work out a plan so you know what you are working towards .



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