speed up your sale

You have the power to speed up your sale

When you are selling your house you focus on getting a buyer and agreeing a sale.  You can reduce delays in the legal process that follows and speed up your sale by spending a few hours gathering documents and making calls.

Why is it so slow?

As soon as the sale is agreed we will ask you who your solicitor is so that we can send them the Memorandum of Sale informing them of the transaction. If you go and look for a solicitor at that point this can add a week.

The buyer’s solicitor will ask for all sorts of information about the house and if you don’t know which pile of paper those are in, this can add a week or more.

Your solicitor will send you a big form to complete and then other paperwork you need to sign. Putting this on the side and not dealing with it quickly adds a week.

Third parties like councils providing the results of local searches and management companies providing leasehold information have no incentive to act swiftly. Waiting for responses can take three weeks or more

How to speed up your sale

  • Start  looking for a solicitor as soon as your house is on the market. Find a local one who you can pop in and meet.
  • Find your passport, driving license and a recent utility bill, you’ll need those to show the solicitor when you instruct them

Get your paperwork together. You will need all the documents showing and explaining what changes you have made to the house.

  • window installation guarantees,
  • Building Control certificates if you’ve had an extension
  • the most recent boiler service invoice
  • electrical installation certificates if you’ve had a new consumer unit fitted or the house re-wired
  • certificates for loft insulation
  • any documents you inherited from the last owner that might be about a new roof or damp proofing work that was done in the past.

This isn’t an exhaustive list and once you start thinking hard and digging through paperwork you will find everything you need.

If you live in a leasehold flat, things are a bit more complicated.

Management companies work very slowly and sales can fall thorough if buyers run out of patience waiting for leasehold information.

  • You need to know who your management company or freeholder is
  • Find out how many years of your lease are remaining
  • Request a Leasehold Management Pack from your management company as soon as the sale is agreed. This can take a month to be sent so don’t leave it til the last minute.
  • Check that your service charge and ground rents are paid up to date



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