Was your first offer refused?
Make a second offer a little bit higher than your first.

If that offer is also refused, step away from your heart and switch on your head. Is this really the property for you? Does it meet as many of your needs as it could? Is it really in the best place? If it doesn’t and you think you may have got carried away, tell us now and step away. If it really is the one for you, see if you can put another £500 or £1000 on the table and see if that is acceptable. Hopefully, at one of these stages the seller will accept your offer and the next part of the moving process begins.

Whatever happens, even if your offer isn’t accepted we will write letters to you and the seller confirming all the offers you made verbally. If your offer is accepted we will ask you which solicitor you are going to use for conveyancing and we will send what is called Memorandum of Sale to both parties stating the sale price agreed, who the sellers and buyers are and which solicitors each party is using. At that point, you will be talking to solicitors and you will start to receive paperwork from them that needs to be completed, signed and returned promptly.

Worried that your offer is legally binding and can’t be changed? Read here


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