Do you know what extra costs there are when you buy a house?

You’ll need a solicitor to do all the legal work. Call a few local ones and get a quote. You’ll need to take ID with you if you instruct one so picking one that is easy to get to is good.

If the property is bought for more than £125,000 you’ll need to pay stamp duty to the government. There is a stamp duty calculator here https://www. Stampdutycalculator. Org. Uk This is paid at the same time as you buy the house so make sure you have that money available.

How will you move all your stuff to the new place? Will you need to hire a van? Pitter Self Drive have the best prices we’ve found locally and the staff there are lovely. If you have more stuff, you may want to get a removal company to help. Get quotes from a few and ask about different prices for you packing and them packing for you.

So add all that up and see how much it comes to. Take this amount into account when you make your offer.


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