I am a unusual estate agent

Today, I met a new customer who will want me to sell their house probably around Easter time. I didn’t say the words “I am an unusual estate agent” but he felt I might be and he asked me this, in the course of our conversation

“What is it that’s your thing? Why are you different?”

He already sensed that I wasn’t really like your average estate agent!  I’m quite an unusual estate agent.

He said to me, “You think and you see these things in a wider context, from what we’ve been talking about. So what is your thing?” And I said to him, “It’s really what’s on our For Sale boards, I’m a kind, thoughtful, and caring estate agent. And the reason why that is, and why people have said that about me is because I understand that selling your house is just one part of a bigger story of your life at that point in time.


A lot is changing for you, and you invite me into your home to help you move through that stage and move to a new place, perhaps, or move on with your life or whatever it is that’s going to be a change.

Selling your house is just one part of that, and that’s something that I’m able to appreciate and understand and be there for you and help you with what you need.

I think that’s one of the beauties of being an independent estate agent. I can do that. It’s who I am, it’s who I want to be, it’s how I want to help people, and because I have the freedom to do that, I can.

How can I do this when others can’t?

I think in lots of other bigger businesses, the structures of the business force people to work in ways that maybe they don’t want to. They’re driven by things other than customer need. They’re driven by other things that don’t include helping a family move on to the next stage of their life. And I most certainly am, and because I don’t have anyone telling me not to be that way and not to do that, I really can do that!

I just thought I’d give you a little insight into how I think and why it is I do what I do, because I do what I do because I want to help people.  If you want to ask me more about that and how I do that, you can always give me a ring.

My voice is a bit croaky in the video as I had a terrible cold over Christmas, but you can ring me on  02380 632111 my voice is getting better day by day!


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