House Transformation Southampton.

House transformation isn’t something everyone can or even wants to do.

Sometimes people see a house, love it, want it and buy it because it’s perfect in every way. Other times people see potential to make a house into something larger than it was before and see a way to make it work better for them.

Some buyers don’t have the time, skills or inclination to make a mess and do start a house transformation. Others are itching for a project and seek out houses that need to be loved again.


I sold this house in Richmond Gardens Southampton back in early 2018.

It had been lived in by the seller’s mum for a long time and suited her well. The buyers had just finished a project together and wanted to find another one to try out more skills on. They loved the feel of this house and wanted to give it some oomph!

Richmond gardens house transformation before photoAfter-ish

Richmond Gardens house transformation after photoIt was a decidedly gloomy day when I walked past last week but the work they have  done to increase the space in the roof has enabled them to create three bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor where there were only two narrow rooms.

Many properties have potential to extend and improve like this subject to planning permission. It’s always wise to take advice from an architect, not just a builder and I know good architects locally who can help you.

I am always happy for you to view a house with an architect if you’d like some advice on how best to improve a house or flat.

I’ll keep an eye out for more work on this house and share ore photos when it’s all done.


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