Are there any good estate agents in Southampton?

How do you go about finding a good estate agent in Southampton?

First of all, there are not as many Estate Agents in Southampton as you might think.

Two big brands are owned by the same company: one sells ‘high end’ property and the other sells ‘low end’.

One huge brand is itself owned by another company owning many other brands. This means there are local competitors within the same group of companies.

Independent doesn’t always mean small: many independents have many branches and a high turnover of staff just like the bigger brands.


Is bigger better?

When you call a large estate agency office who answers the phone? Is it the person who came to value your house? Probably not.

Does the person on the phone know know who you are? Probably not.

Is your story, your house and your family just one of a hundred others? Probably, so you aren’t special.

Big agencies have big targets. Targets for valuations, viewings, sales agreed and  bonuses. How do you think this affects how they work?


So what are you looking for in an estate agent?

Someone who listens to you, finds out what you need and what kind of help would make this go smoothly for you?

Gets the best selling price for your house?

Doesn’t hassle you on a daily basis?

Helps your buyer too so that they complete on the purchase as quickly as possible?


Whisper a secret

That’s us!

We are a small bespoke estate agent in Southampton and you matter to us. We don’t want to sell 100 houses: we want to sell yours.

We sell houses for happy people and you can see some we’ve sold here

And you can read what those happy people thought about us here


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