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  • Burgess Gardens Bassett SOLD October 2019

    £285,000 Guide Price
    This home is hidden from view of the main road and once you are in the garden you are in a quiet and secluded place away from the hustle and bustle. The Common is on your doorstep as are local shops with everything you need from food and prescriptions to flooring, hair styling and flowers. The...
  • Thornbury Avenue Upper Shirley SOLD March 2018

    £649,950 Guide Price
    This house had been lived in by the same family for nearly 40 years so it was going to be a wrench to leave it - and take weeks of decluttering and packing. The family managed it and now a new family live here making new memories to add to the ones the house has seen over the past 100 years. S...
  • Adelaide Road St Denys SOLD February 2019

    £190,000 Guide Price
    This house has a lovely feel about it and everyone who viewed it felt it. The house needed a lot of work though so although it was viewed by nine potential buyers, only one offered. They were over the moon and looking forward to creating a new family home for their daughter.
  • Aberdeen Road St Denys SOLD June 2019

    £220,000 Guide Price
    I stood outside the house and made the 30 second video quickly then uploaded it to Twitter. 2 hours later I had a call from a woman who had been looking to buy a house in this area and wanted to book a viewing. I was selling the house with the Clean Twice marketing Plan so all the viewings were b...
  • Kent Road St Denys

    £310,000 Guide Price
    St Denys is a popular area to live in and everyone who lives here doesn't want to move unless they have to! You could move into this house and be very happy, never to leave. It will be the most energy efficient and economical home you have ever owned. It has enough space to suit you for years to ...
  • The Moresby Tower Ocean Village

    £600,000 Guide Price
    This is one of the most homely apartments and the current owners have upgraded it with bespoke wardrobes and storage. The pillar in the corner of the living room and the low windowsills meant that most furniture wouldn't fit the space so the owners thought hard and designed a piece of furniture to f...