Easy house renovation project in Southampton

Are you looking for a house renovation project that’s not too big? A place that needs a bit of work so you can make it your own? But you don’t want to do a lot of dirty work like knocking walls about and plastering?

All the dragons have been slain and there are no hidden horrors here. It has been extended on the ground floor to create a huge kitchen with underfloor heating. Upstairs has also been extended to make space for a new bathroom and third bedroom.

The house has been completely re-plastered, has new wiring, a new boiler and a lovely new front door.

Avenue Road house renovation project front door

Why would you want to buy it?

This is a lovely area of Southampton, close to the Common and not far from the city centre. The road is surprisingly quiet and the house has off road parking which is rare in this area.To find out more about the Outer Avenue Community go here

The house is almost done and there’s nothing messy left to do. It’s up to you to choose your kitchen, flooring and decor to complete it. Installing a new kitchen on a fresh floor against fresh smooth walls is much easier than ripping one out and starting again. Similarly, the floors are already bare so you can see how they lie and  you won’t need to damage the walls to remove skirting boards to fit new flooring. When you fit new flooring, new skirting boards can sit on top easily.

Take a look here and call me on 02380 632111 to book a viewing

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