Five things to do before you move house

Secure your internet and tv service

It may seem mad to put this one at the top of the list but how will you deal with all the life admin heading your way if you can’t get online easily?

Speak to your current provider and find out if they have a connection at your new home. If they do, getting your service up and running will be easy. If not, you need to book an installation and the delay between booking and a visit can be a fortnight so as soon as you know your completion date, call your provider. It’s easier to cancel and choose a later date than bring an installation forward.

If push comes to shove, check the your phone data package and it might be enough to tide you over


Let your current energy supplier know you’ll be agent Southampton

Take your final meter readings from your water meter, electricity meter and gas meter if you have one. Photograph them with your phone so that you have the meter serial numbers too in case of any confusion.


Your buildings insurance and contents insurance needs will change when you move as you will need to insure a different building and a change of postcode can affect contents premiums

Car Insurance and Drivers License

You need these to be up to date with your new address and you may need your Drivers license for ID as soon as you move.

Postal Redirection

Go to Royal Mail online and request redirection so that your post finds you.
Get 6 months as 3 months goes by in a flash and you often can’t remember who contacts you by post
when you try to think who to contact.




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