The adult children of a family needing to sell their old family home in St Denys Southampton


Their father had died and they were in the process of dealing with his estate. They needed advice on how to sell the house, what they might sell it for, how to remove all the furniture and belongings and how best to present it for sale.

What we did

Greg met two of the three siblings and talked through how we could help, we confirmed this in a letter and waited.

It took almost a year for the house to be emptied and probate to get close to completion. The family instructed us to sell the house in August 2018.

The house must have been very grand when it was first built but had last been improved in the 80s.  It was now in need of some love and work to restore it to its former glory. This didn’t make it the easiest sale as not many people can readily do house renovations.

As the house was empty, access for viewings was easy but clustering viewings together on one day is still good. It creates a buzz with one viewer arriving as another one leaves. It’s also environmentally better because I can minimise the number of car journeys to a property.

That first week, I booked six viewings on one day then three on another day. Some were builders and some were families. Six offers were made that week.

The family accepted one from a family moving from nearby. During September I met the buyers at the property several times, met surveyors, met builders for quotes and the sale seemed to be proceeding well.

I kept in touch with the chain below and the buyers decided to move to a rental property and not lose their buyer. November came and due to complexities in the estate, probate was still not granted. Patience with the solicitors began to wear thin.

A house can’t be sold be executors without a Grant of Probate

There was still no sign of this happening by late December and the buyers reluctantly withdrew their offer.

I immediately re-marketed the house and called all the folks who had seen it in the summer.

I did more viewings in the first week of January and two potential buyers made offers.
The sale was agreed again that week and completed in March.

The buyers are over the moon, the sellers are happy too after such a long wait and I will be selling the buyers’ house in 2019.

For more information on Grant of Probate read here

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