map of Shirley Southampton


Have you found a house you like on rightmove or zoopla?

Before you pick up the phone or email the agent to book a viewing, have you looked a bit more closely at the property yet?

Have you clicked on the street view? You can walk up and down the road, check the other houses and front gardens out, see how many cars there are parked on the road, see which way the shadows point and see if you can tell what time of day the images were taken.

Change to the map view again, zoom in on the satellite view and have another look at what surrounds the property. Is it a leafy area? Are the gardens large or small? Are the houses packed in tightly or more spread out?

Do you like what you see? Would you want to live in that street? How far away is it from where you work?

You can map a journey with Google Maps using the start and end postcodes. If you can’t see what postcode the property is in, pick a random house number, add the street address and google it to find a postcode. Google likes to tell you how it thinks you should travel and doesn’t like detours or short cuts through the Common so be aware of that when you are searching!

Another way to map a journey if you are thinking of walking to work or to the shops or to school is with walkjogrun. Net. You’ll need a start postcode then you just click on the route you want to take and it will calculate the distance for you. If you are a runner, you will see lots of other people have saved routes on this site and that can give you an idea of where you could get to if you put your running shoes on.

Has anything you have seen put you off this property? If it has, keep searching. If you like it even more, pick up the phone and book a viewing.



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