Open the cupboards where you keep all your dried food, tins, packets, spices and sauces.

Throw away

Anything that is out of date by miles
Anything you bought but didn’t like so haven’t used
Any spices or herbs that you can’t smell when you open them

Next, open the one where you keep all the plates, cups, glasses, bowls and that kind of thing.

Throw away:

Chipped mugs
Chipped bowls or plates
Mugs that you never drink from because you don’t like them

Next, open the place you keep all the plastic lunch boxes and empty storage containers

Throw away:

Any container that doesn’t have a lid

Any lid that doesn’t have a container

Any manky or odd smelling plastic

Has doing that left some space in the cupboards? If it has, that’s good because it’s going to take up less space when you move and space inside a moving van is expensive!


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