declutter the bathroom


The bathroom looks easy because it probably isn’t a large room but you’ll be surprised by what you have hiding there.

Use this list to help you be bold and throw away things you don’t need to take when you move.

Little Sample bottles or sachets of products that you don’t use
Almost used-up bottles of lotion
Novelty “gift” products such as face masks or foot scrubs that you haven’t used in the past year
Multiple bath products such as bath salts, bubble bath and bath bombs that are collecting dust because you don’t use them.
Any hair product you haven’t used in the past 6 months
Dusty candles
Stretched-out hair elastics
Shower caps with loose elastic
Old toothbrushes
Kids bath toys that are mildewed
Squeezy bath toys with holes that smell odd
Mouldy sponges or loofahs




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