decluttering to move house

You can’t move with your junk

You need to declutter to move. This can look like a mammoth task that can’t be done so a little bit of planning will help a lot.

How to declutter?

Don’t tell yourself that you will spend all day decluttering the whole house. You can’t concentrate for that long and you will drive yourself mad! Think about the rooms in your house. Which one has most junk and clutter? Or what kind of things do you want have less of?

Too many papers?

Too many broken toys?

The bathroom?

The kitchen?
Pick one area thing or space to focus on, use the lists here on the blog and start by throwing away the things we’ve suggested. If along the way you see more things that it is not worth packing and taking with you, get rid of them too.

When that first area is done, take the rubbish out of the house and put it in the bin. Don’t keep it in the room, or in the hallway or in the garage! Get it OUT of the house.

If you are like me and hate waste and worry about recycling and re-using this can be painful but some stuff you own really is rubbish and no-one else can use it so the bin is where it needs to go.


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