Clean Twice and Sell your House

We want to help you sell your house and make your move as smooth as it can possibly be. The best we can hope for is that you clean your house twice and it’s sold!

How does that sound to you?

When you need to move house, we know that can be a difficult thing to do when you have little ones or even bigger ones!

We also know you are busy so we work around you and do our job with as little disruption to your family life as possible.

Clean Once

You can clean your house once for us to take great photos to advertise it.

Clean Twice

Then you clean it again for us to do a day of individual viewings and one of those people makes an offer acceptable to you.

Sell your House

House sold!

We have done this for a number of families with young children in Southampton and they love our service. If you don’t know where to start with cleaning and decluttering we can give you declutter tips and even recommend a declutter consultant 

Whatever the reason for your move,  call us for a chat and we can help you get moving.


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