A couple with a young child who have already bought a new home that is being renovated. They are not from the UK and the selling process is new to them.


He chose us because he is in a data driven profession and he appreciated the data driven approach I take to finding the Sweet Spot marketing price.

They didn’t want to be paying two mortgages for too long so a fast sale and the best price was important.

The Clean Twice Sell your House marketing plan also appealed to them because they both work full time and Sunday viewings would be ideal.

What we did

We listed the house on 4th September and booked three viewings for 16th.

I booked a second viewing for the following Friday 21st at 6pm for the couple who loved the house and they went on to make an offer very close to the asking price.

So, the sellers Cleaned Twice and Sold their House.

How? The Sweet Spot Marketing Price

I am a data monkey. I love numbers and I look at sold prices and new listing prices. I  analyse the time between listing and sale and I watch other agent’s stock. I also read about long term trends, read mortgage lending reviews, talk to mortgage brokers, talk to RICS surveyors and keep an eye on the industry media.

You probably aren’t as interested in all this as I am! That’s why I am an estate agent and you do what you do.

This knowledge helps me find the Sweet Spot Marketing Price. It’s not a guaranteed selling price, it’s where to place the property in the current market.

If the price is too high, buyers won’t pick up the phone and the property sits on the market going stale. The seller gets despondent and only a price reduction or new agent can help.

Too low isn’t bad as the market will correct it with ever increasing offers from buyers. This can become a difficult negotiation though so choose a good negotiator.

The Sweet Spot is just right. It gets potential buyers through the door to view your house. It satisfies a lender who wants to manage their bank’s risk and it meets the sellers needs for their new home purchase.

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