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paddle and peel southampton









The lovely owners of Paddle and Peel used to have a van called It’s a Pizza Thing cooking pizzas outside the South Western Arms St Denys.

I had a house for sale just up the road and mentioned them in my listing and they were tickled pink!

paddle and peel adelaide road bluedoor

The buyers of the house wanted to move to this area for all it has to offer them. In fact they bought pizza the first night they lived here! The man of the house is now a regular at the South Western Arms and has made many new friends, just as his wife had hoped.

We can often forget how hard it can be to make friends as an adult. The opportunity to just pop in somewhere to have a chat with people with no pretensions or committment is something we have truly missed during lockdown.






Lockdown has changed perspectives

Many people I meet have a new perspective on life after the year we’ve had. Some people are finding they aren’t where they are meant to be. Are you? Does something have to change?

Belinda and Andy feel the need for a change too. After an amazing time creating and running Paddle and Peel, it’s time to pass the business on to new hands.

They have enjoyed the great times spent with all their guests. They’ve met interesting people and heard fascinating tales of the city too. They’ll miss all that and wish the new owners have a similarly fantastic connection with the community.

Are you ready for a new direction?

The business is for sale and can be traded as-is or grown to include a breakfast offering and daytime coffee and cake.

Current customers include fans of pizza and fans of local craft ales, neighbours from the Quay, local folk who walk here from home, people who collect their children from the nearby school, canoeists, families, Morris Men, Chesil Bay community groups and many who just love the vibe here.

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