New home no clutter declutter consultation


How do you start to declutter and pack up your house to move? We know that moving house can be a stressful time and we help as much as we can by making the selling process as smooth as it can be but then you have a lot of hard work ahead packing!


Are you afraid of what’s in your cupboards?


We all own things we don’t need, and really don’t need to pack and move to a new home so we are offering this Declutter Consultation to help you only move with what you need and love.

Do you need help?

1    Call us on 02380 632111 and book a time for us to visit you and value your property.

2    When you sign our Service Agreement instructing us to sell your property we put you in touch with Helen Cousins

3    Helen will book your Free One Hour Consultation at a time to suit you.

Helen talks about why she is partnering with us and what she is offering here on her website

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