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Read our advice on how to get a mortgage, how to prepare your house for sale, how to make offers and how to declutter so you don't move more stuff than you need to! Call us if you want to know more after reading the tips.

One simple home improvement you can make

Is there something about your house that you would change? If you didn’t move, that is! Which? asked members who are home-owners what they’d most like to change in their homes and the results are surprising. 20% are happy and don’t want to change anything but this is the top problem people want a simple…
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New Rightmove Tool – Where can I live?

It’s the first place many buyers search for property. It has a well deserved reputation for ease of use and customer focus. This includes many extras that you might have missed – like this new tool. Play with this rightmove tool by registering on the site They never send you spam emails! They can send…
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Clean Twice and Sell your House

Clean Twice and Sell your House We aim to make your move as smooth as it can possibly be. The best we can hope for is that you clean your house twice and it’s sold! How does that sound to you? When you need to move house, we know that can be a difficult thing…
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Calling Southampton Parents! Get your VIP Card now

We are supporting the Southampton VIP Card and offering a £500 discount on our standard fees to Parents selling a house in Southampton. Buy the VIP card and you can get discounts on over 130 products and services locally. Do you love coffee and cake at Mettricks? 10% off your next lunch out! Do you…
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Do we need to downsize?

Have you been thinking that it might be time to move house and downsize? Was your house once full of family and did you feel that doing the garden was a great way to relax after a busy week at work? Think about the location of your current home and how the layout and size…
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Should I put my house on the market before I start looking?

If you live in a house or flat and want to buy another property, usually you need to sell the one you live in. The question is, do you put your house on the market before you start looking or do you start looking and then put your house on the market? We say put…
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