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Quitters Day 2020

When is Quitters Day? Quitters Day is the 12th January. By then, most people will have given up on their New Year’s resolutions. Did you give up like most people did? If you did, do you have some more interesting things you want to do in 2020? Is moving house […]
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Tidying up in 5 minutes?

When you are selling your home you want to show it at its best and that does mean clean and tidy! This is a curious little cat in the very tidy kitchen of a flat I sold last year. Tidying up can be hard so I’ve looked for some tips […]
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How am I an unusual estate agent?

I am a unusual estate agent Today, I met a new customer who will want me to sell their house probably around Easter time. I didn’t say the words “I am an unusual estate agent” but he felt I might be and he asked me this, in the course of […]
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What happens on completion day?

What happens on completion day? So the day as arrived! What happens on completion day? The legal work is now all done. The next step is also done by solicitors. They start moving money, slowly. The solicitor of the buyer at the bottom of the chain sends money to the […]
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For Sale Avenue Road Southampton – Easy house renovation project

Easy house renovation project in Southampton Are you looking for a house renovation project that’s not too big? A place that needs a bit of work so you can make it your own? But you don’t want to do a lot of dirty work like knocking walls about and plastering? […]
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GHT Southampton

Southampton’s Art Venues – God’s House Tower GHT

I love local art venues – God’s House Tower GHT Do you know the history of God’s House Tower? Southampton is a city of many colours and shades. I was born here and I’ve been away and come back so I see the goodness here that other’s might take for […]
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