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What happens on completion day?

What happens on completion day? So the day as arrived! What happens on completion day? The legal work is now all done. The next step is also done by solicitors. They start moving money, slowly. The solicitor of the buyer at the bottom of the chain sends money to the […]
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For Sale Avenue Road Southampton – Easy house renovation project

Easy house renovation project in Southampton Are you looking for a house renovation project that’s not too big? A place that needs a bit of work so you can make it your own? But you don’t want to do a lot of dirty work like knocking walls about and plastering? […]
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GHT Southampton

Southampton’s Art Venues – God’s House Tower GHT

I love local art venues – God’s House Tower GHT Do you know the history of God’s House Tower? Southampton is a city of many colours and shades. I was born here and I’ve been away and come back so I see the goodness here that other’s might take for […]
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Richmond gardens for sale before photo

House Transformation Part 1 Richmond Gardens Southampton

House Transformation Southampton. House transformation isn’t something everyone can or even wants to do. Sometimes people see a house, love it, want it and buy it because it’s perfect in every way. Other times people see potential to make a house into something larger than it was before and see […]
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Kent Road House for sale BlueDoor Fish in the bath

What do I actually do as your estate agent? Part 2

Here’s the house again. It’s a 3 bedroom house with solar panels on the roof and it’s been freshly built in an area that has no new-build homes. On the day I visited to add some pops of colour to the house and put the special fish in the bath, […]
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Kent Road House for Sale with solar panels

What do I actually do as your estate agent? Part 1

Where does it start? The other evening, I was at this house meeting the buyers again with two contractors. Standing outside I thought I’d make some lists about this house and my relationship with it, the seller and the buyers. I’ve been watching this house being built for several months. […]
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