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Do I need a For Sale Board?

Yes, you do need a for sale board. Why? It’s an important way to tell people that your property is for sale. Think about who drives or walks past your house every day. Who might see it the board and tell a friend about your house being for sale? Even […]
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Can we afford to buy a house?

Maybe you can afford to buy a house. How do you find out? Take the first step towards buying a house Start by finding out what you are spending and what your credit score is. If you have credit card debt and a car loan these can both affect your […]
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Sell your rental property and get the best price

How do you get the best price for a rental property? The best price can be achieved but you may need to do some work. Go and look at your property with fresh eyes. Does it look like a home? Most rental properties are now being sold to families, not […]
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What is a BlueDoor Pre-Sale Consultation?

More than just a valuation It’s when we meet you and listen to you to find out how we can help you. We don’t call it a valuation because we don’t value houses; we help you move. You will have a reason nudging you to move, it might be a […]
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3 Estate Agent Valuations, 3 different figures?

You’ve had 3 estate agents out and they’ve all given you valuations. Estate agents call these valuations but they aren’t. They are market appraisals. What is the difference between a valuation and a market appraisal? A market appraisal is a figure an agent tells you is what they think the […]
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Who does conveyancing? An estate agent or a solicitor?

Who does conveyancing? In a word, conveyancers! They are a type of solicitor who specialises in the legal work needed for property purchases and sales. This is called conveyancing. Do I need a conveyancer? If you are buying a house, yes you do. When you have agreed to buy a […]
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