is it time to downsize?

Have you been thinking that it might be time to move house and downsize?

Was your house once full of family and did you feel that doing the garden was a great way to relax after a busy week at work?

Think about the location of your current home and how the layout and size work for your now

  • Is gardening becoming a burden?
  • Is your house close to local shops and a bus stop or train station? What would you do without your car?
  • Are there steps in the house that may become difficult to use if you become less mobile?
  • Do you have a lot of rooms to clean and now this takes a long time to do?
  • Is there work you would do on the house if you stayed but would prefer not to do?

We know lots of people who have needed to move when one partner has become frail all of a sudden and the place they know as home doesn’t work for them any more. This is incredibly stressful for everyone involved including wider family. The usual worries about moving are even more taxing because they are also dealing with ill health and lack of energy.

What can you do to prepare to downsize?

What we hope you can do is think ahead and plan a move whilst you are still fit and well. Look around your local area and see which properties might be good for you now and in the future. Pick one in a place that’s close to local amenities, on level ground, with outside space if you want it but with a low maintenance garden.

If you move with a plan you can pack and move with joy thinking about the new things ahead, redecorate the new place if you want to and settle in and enjoy how simple it is to manage a smaller home and garden.


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