PurpleBricks or an Honest Estate Agent?

You may have watched BBC Watchdog on 2nd August. If you haven’t, watch it online for the first item about PurpleBricks complaints.

We meet people who ask us how we are different to PurpleBricks and why they should choose us over them.

No Sale No Fee

is the main reason. We don’t charge you a penny until we sell your house and that means actually selling it – handing over keys to a new owner on the day of completion – not just agree the sale.

PurpleBricks deferred payment is actually a Loan Agreement with Close Brothers

No sale no fee is a deferred payment -you don’t pay it until we sell your house and hand keys to the new owner. PurpleBricks want their money whatever happens with your sale so they create a loan agreement with Close Brothers for the value of the fee and they tie you to a specific conveyancer (solicitor) who will do the legal work for you  – if you ever get that far.

No independent high street estate agent who will sell you a loan in return for listing your property online.

BlueDoor Estate Agents will not charge you a penny and not sell you a loan. We are a no sale, no fee agent and we only bill you via your solicitor on completion.

The board in the photo is outside our place every single day of the week. We are honest and we are proud to say so.



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