It’s the first place many buyers search for property.

It has a well deserved reputation for ease of use and customer focus. This includes many extras that you might have missed – like this new tool.

Play with this rightmove tool by registering on the site

They never send you spam emails! They can send you emails containing links to properties that fit your search criteria and now there is a new tool on the site to try.

You can find it here

Use drop down boxes to set where you want to be – close to work, school family; how far you want to travel to get to that place by car, walking or using public transport.

Then select either house, flat or bungalow, how many bedrooms you need and your maximum budget.

So where can I live?

Rightmove found me 10 areas where I could get to BlueDoor in under 30 minutes by car, a house with three bedrooms and under £280,000.

The first was Woolston which is great because that’s where I currently live! Today there are 65 properties meeting my criteria.

The second was a huge area covering Lordshill, Lordswood and Bassett where there are 55 matching properties

Third was the small area of Portswood where there are only 10 matches

In reality, I could live anywhere in Southampton for this budget and not spend more than 30 minutes driving to work in good traffic.

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