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Why use us? A real life estate agent?

PurpleBricks or an Honest Estate Agent? You may have watched BBC Watchdog on 2nd August. If you haven’t, watch it online for the first item about PurpleBricks complaints. We meet people who ask us how we are different to PurpleBricks and why they should choose us over them. No Sale No Fee is the main…
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Decluttering to Move: How to Start

This can look like a mammoth task that can’t be done so a little bit of planning will help a lot Don’t tell yourself that you will spend all day decluttering the whole house. You can’t concentrate for that long and you will drive yourself mad! Pick one area of the house, use the lists…
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Decluttering to Move: The bathroom

  The bathroom looks easy because it probably isn’t a large room but you’ll be surprised by what you have hiding there. Use this list to help you be bold and throw away things you don’t need to take when you move. Little Sample bottles or sachets of products that you don’t use Almost used-up…
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Decluttering to Move: The kitchen cupboards

Open the cupboards where you keep all your dried food, tins, packets, spices and sauces. Throw away Anything that is out of date by miles Anything you bought but didn’t like so haven’t used Any spices or herbs that you can’t smell when you open them Next, open the one where you keep all the…
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The Drawer where Odd Things are kept

Do you have one of these? Is it in the kitchen or the hallway or living room? A drawer that you open and put things in that you will never take out again? Pull the drawer out, tip in onto a table and throw away 10 things elastic bands plastic bits off broken things old…
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3 ways we make moving house easier

  We really do understand how anxious moving can be especially when it means moving to a new place, even if that means moving closer to the family you love. We knew that the way to help this family was 1 to find an eager buyer 2 do viewings at times that suited Peter and…
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